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Introduction,Bio data, Course Details & Fees

Hello everyone I am Kris Zhu, a qualified and professional Yoga and Fitness Instructor . I have been teaching Yoga and other fitness classes (listed below) since 2001.

I attained the Teacher Training Diploma in Hatha Yoga from the Sri Vidya Sivananda lineage. Afterwhich I managed Neem Tree Well-Being Sanctuary, a professional Yoga and Ayurvedic Centre for 4 years from 2001 to 2005, where I taught daily yoga classes, workshops and did various Holistic Therapy such as Body Massages, Ear Candling and Reiki Healing. I visited and stayed in the Ashram in India for a month to enrich my Yoga teaching skills and have attended many workshops from renowned Yoga instructors visiting from the USA, UK, Australia and India.

My classes are catered for everyone, from total beginners to the well experienced from all walks of life and religious backgrounds. Classes are fun, modern, enjoyable, comprehensive, educational with clear instructions, explanations and close proper guidance that is non-religious, focused on the ultimate objective of a healthy and fit mind and body for total well-being.

My various style covers Hatha, Vinyasa, Asthanga/Power, Yin and Kriya Yoga for Individuals, Couples or Small Groups either in single casual classes or in packages.

I also conduct tailored classes for Retreats, Clinics, Corporate workshops and seminars on-site.

Specialised tailored programmes are catered for Matured Elderly People, Pre-Natal and Post-Natal women, Men's Yoga, Sports Yoga, and Yoga Therapy for people with any medical conditions, sickness, health ailments or problems. Working professionals facing much tension, stress and sleeplessness or any other stress related or psychosomatic problems will also benefit from my programme.

My Lessons include ASANAS (Postures), PRANAYAMAS (Breathing Techniques), Bandhas (Lock and Channeling of Energy), Mudras (Tapping of Body Energy flow), Shatkarmas (Cleansing Techniques), combined for the total benefit and well-being of Mental, Emotional, Internal and External Body Systems.

My speciality is in Personal Yoga Training for individuals seeking a specially tailored programme to target various health issues or to compliment and help them excel in their sports and games. This will be based on their Ayurvedic Dosha (Body Constitution), medical conditions, current health ailments and personal concerns and objectives. Also ideal Pre and Post-Natal Mothers.

CLASSES OFFERED: Personal Yoga Training for Men and Ladies/ Pre-Natal or Post-Natal Yoga/ Group Classes/ Yoga for MEN's health & Virility/ Kids Yoga/ Yoga for the elderly/ Corporate Assignments/ Workshops/ Clinics and Talks for events and retreats.

CLASS VENUES: (1)Your Home premises or (2) your Office premises or (3) venue of retreat/ workshop/ seminar.


Personal One-On-One Training :- SGD$120 (additional Transport charges may be included depending on distance)

Couples or 2 Persons :- SGD$170 per session (additional Transport charges may be included depending on distance.)

Small Private Group & Corporate Group Classes:- SGD$150 per session (up to 15 persons; 16 persons and above add SGD$10 per additional person; ie 20 persons costs SGD$200 per session).

TIMING and SCHEDULE: Morning, Afternoon and Evening classes available, 6 days a week (Daily except Saturday). Please note that priority bookings will be given to those who sign up for packages of at least 10 sessions.

My yoga services have been engaged by many Individual clients, Fitness Instructors, Doctors, Therapist and the following organizations:
  1. Republic of Singapore Air-Force;
  2. Sebastian Liew Centre -True Health Naturopathic Centre;
  3. Royal Plaza on Scotts Hotel;
  4. California Fitness;
  5. ABN Amro Bank;
  6. Abacus International Pte. Ltd;
  7. Living Space Spa;
  8. Spa Botanica (Sentosa);
  9. Groove Dance Studio;
  10. The Beaufort Sentosa Spa Resort Hotel;
  11. Body Temple (Women's Fitness Centre);
  12. Standard Chartered Bank;
  13. AIG Group;
  14. Silicon Lab;
  15. DSO National Laboratories:
  16. Wyeth Pharmaceuticals (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.;
  17. Singapore Police Force;
  18. NTUC Income;
  19. Perfect Health Ltd.; 
  20. Schroder Investment Pte Ltd (Singapore)
  21. Thye Hua Kuan Moral Charity

I also provide the following classes/services:
  1. Pilates Mat Workout Classes
  2. Cardio and Circuit Training Classes (Aerobics, Isometrics and Calisthenics)
  3. HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) & Tabata Interval Training
  4. Executive Stress Relief & Relaxation Techniques Sessions
  5. Meditation for Stress Relief & Relaxation (Non Religious)
  6. REIKI healing
If you wish, you can also opt to include a variety of fitness classes in your package, example Yoga and Pilates and Circuit classes as part of your programme.

Please feel free to contact or me at anytime on my mobile phone or email or SMS, for any further queries. I would be happy to assist and clarify your doubts.

Don't procrastinate. Take your 1st step TODAY to discover your potential and quest for Fitness, Good health and Well-Being. Look good, feel good and build your confidence and self-esteem and improve your quality of life.

Thank you, Namaste and Peace to all. Kris

Mobile: 65-974 222 87

Monday, September 22, 2008


I think your philosophy in yoga suits the way I see yoga.

I've been with a few teachers and I think it's quite rare to find teachers who appreciate yoga as a tool that needs to be suited to everyone, rather than forcing others into positions they are not comfortable with in the first place.

I like it when you emphasise on listening to your own body, and moving only so much so that you challenge yourself sensitively. Focusing on correct basic posture is always key, and sad to say, there are many out there who focus on looking good rather than focusing on the basics. I for one can do the basics over and over again, because I find that doing the basics right is the toughest skill to master.

Hopefully, your kind of teaching will catch on.

See Seen
Student from AIA Yoga Class 2007 & 2008

Thursday, February 21, 2008


5th September 2007

Hi Kris ; )

I met you when i first ventured seriously into yoga and the state of well being. That was about 3 yrs ago at Neem Tree.

It was a brave move as I've never been in a Yoga class before. Your class suited me really fine as it was purely a Men's only class. Through you, I discovered a new level of peace and whenever I find myself in a chaotic situation, I find that I can manage it even better - through calmness and good breathing! I'm never one with a good posture at sitting or standing, but at your classes I really put in effort to learn and discover a new me.

I'm extremely delighted to find someone really patient, understandingand very relaxed, throughout the twists, turns and breathing exercises. And you know what - your smile just warms up the class and puts every one at ease Kris ; )

My favourite poses is the Sun Salutation - just gets me moving mybody, mind and soul! BUT, the ultimate will be the end of the class, when you get us to lie down and sink into the ground, I never fail to fall into a deep slumber. And then you bring my soul gently back with your soothing voice and the sound of the Singing bowl... brilliant!

Thank you for introducing me to Asanas, Pranayamas and all -uplifting names ; )

Amran A M

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Dr Sebastian Liew
Sebastian Liew Centre
Tel: 65389978


Kris was my teacher in Yoga since the year 2003.

Kris is one of my favorite instructors as he is very dedicated and sensitive to his students.

Being a naturopath and herbalist myself, being healing centered is an important criterion for effective natural treatment. Kris is such a person. He is a teacher in this field, and yet a humble and friendly one.

He also takes time to explain to us the many ‘whys’ of yoga and this has helped me in turn to bring the true nature of yoga to others.

I highly recommend Kris for your Yoga needs and I want to thank Kris for giving me his constant love and support for my health and naturopathic practice.

Sebastian Liew, N.D.


17" September 2007


This is to recommend with great respect and affection, Kris Zhu – yoga teacher and very good friend.

Kristananda, as l fondly call him was my yoga teacher from 2000 to 2006, in
Singapore. He was taught in the lineage "Sri Vidya” which literally translates Highest Knowledge in the English language .

On the physical front, my experience of yoga under his tutelage , more than a toned body, which is the by product , l developed a stronger immunity to
communicable diseases , even the common flu. lt also addressed my chronic lower
back problem by gently strengthening my spine , and helped along with it, address
my chronic pre menstrual pain.

The kriyas that he teaches develops physical, mental and psychological stamina that
helped me cope with the often stressful demands of work and travel.

Hatha yoga not only toned my body but helped me relearn how to breathe properly
and correctly again. From it, lalso relearned to center myself at work and leave it
all behind after a day’s work , hence lessening "taking home” the stress of work.

To summarize, from Kris’ yoga, l gained more than a toned body . It helped me be
more centred mentally and psychologically. It helped me relearn to breathe
properly, helped me relax more, sleep better , and develop a stronger immunity from
communicable diseases.

lt addressed my chronic back and pre menstrual pain problems through gentle asanas.

Karlyn E . Cerdena

ara Design Asia , ara Design Consultants UK

Bali :
Jl. Sekar Waru #9
Sanur, Denpasar
e-maiil :
telefax: +62 0361 288431

85 Marchmont St.
London WC1 N ,AL
United Kingdom
tel: +44 0207 387 8200
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R L & T A Pearson
Scotts 28
28 Scotts Rd
Singapore 228223

12 March 2007

Kris Zhu has been my personal yoga instructor since August last year when I arrived in Singapore. I have Fibryomyalgia which is linked to the arthritis family. My body feels pain but there is no physical injury, this is because the messages from the nerves to the brain get scrambled. Kris understood my condition and developed my yoga programmes accordingly. Exercise is very important to keep my muscles and joints moving and Kris has been a real motivating factor in keeping me on track and focused. He always make sure that you are practicing the yoga poses correctly and not over stretching.

I have really enjoyed learning yoga with Kris, he has a holistic style of teaching and is always willing to share information. I also attend Kris’s night classes which are small and intimate. These are great as you get to know the other people attending and being small you get Kris’s personal attention throughout the class. He always emphasis the importance of moving at your own pace and encourages people to focus on their own abilities not what others can do.

He is very knowledgeable on herbal remedies, alternative medicine and the spiritual side of yoga, which I have found fascinating. I have also had ear candling session with Kris when I had a blocked ear from flying. This was a wonderfully relaxing experience which cleared my ear and stopped the dizziness that I was experiencing when doing some of the yoga poses. I would certainly do this again and would recommend it to anyone wanting to clear their ears.
Kris has become a friend who I greatly admire and I would have no hesitation recommending him to anyone who is looking to learn and practice yoga. I always feel better after attending Kris’s classes and my strength, balance and flexibility has greatly improved. I am amazed at how quickly my body adapted to the more difficult poses.

Trina Pearson